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Protect their paws with
the pet steps that carry them all!

If you love traveling with your furry companion, then you need Otto Step. Our pet steps for dogs are the safe way to help your dog into your car, SUV, van, truck, trailer and more! Made from lightweight and durable glass filled nylon, our doggy steps offer great stability for small and large dogs alike, supporting over 200 pounds. Otto Step is easy to use and weighing in at 6 pounds, it is easy to store as well. Think of Otto Step as preventative pet stairs for your four-legged friends. It helps to prevent injuries from jumping up and down into vehicles and eliminates your dog's fear of entering and exiting your vehicle. Furthermore, it is a back-saver for you as your dog can now easily step into your car, erasing the risk of injury from jumping and lifting.

With Otto Step, traveling is made easy. Our step
dog steps works with any vehicle that has a trailer hitch and easily inserts into any 2" receiver. Your dog will instinctively know how to use our dog steps, and the wide platform will instill confidence in your dog and remove any anxiety about jumping into the car with you for an adventure.

Shop Otto Step today to purchase the best steps for dogs around. Our one-size pet step works with all vehicles with a trailer hitch and will safely transport your dog from the ground to your vehicle. Order Otto Step today!



Easily inserts
into any 2" receiver
Supports weights over 200 lbs, yet weighs under 6 lbs! A great gift for your special
dog friends & their owners
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